Accommodation at Kingmoor Junior School and the impact that this may have on

our Kingmoor Community and Business Centre

On Thursday 12th October 2017 between 3pm and 8pm at Kingmoor Junior School, Cumbria County Council are holding  a consultation drop in session to discuss the options that are being considered by the County Council to cope with accommodating the large increase in pupil numbers at each school in recent years.

A flyer has already been distributed to the parents and guardians of children at both schools and also to homes

surrounding the schools, a copy of which I have attached. As mentioned in the Council leaflet a temporary classroom has been put on site to meet the full demand of children attending the school. Option 1, we believe, is to leave that classroom there as a permanent facility.  Option 2, is the reconfiguration of all space currently used by the Community & Business Centre.

Option 2 has a definite impact on the Kingmoor Community and Business Centre’s accommodation and future provision.

Kingmoor Community & Business Centre has been and still is a fantastic local resource with a heritage spread over many years. The centre is a valuable community asset, one which so many of our residents in local estates really need particularly during the day.

Courses already running this year are GCSE Maths, Art, Spanish, Functional skills, Digital photography, Belly dancing and of course various levels of Computer courses. Our free drop in sessions are well attended and give that link that people may need to resolve some IT problems or have access to the internet for Job searches. We also have local groups attending coffee and crafts, reading groups, WI, locals using it as a meeting room.

The centre continues to survive financially through the hard work and dedication of its staff despite the loss of room rental income from previous years which followed the conversion of our conference room to a classroom in summer 2016.

If the centre was only to be open in the evenings we believe this would alienate a great proportion of our users. This could also create a huge impact on our staff, leading to substantial changes to their working hours.   

Please, if possible, can you attend the meeting to give your views or, if not, send your feedback to us by Thursday

12th October and we can pass this on.

We want to continue the life of the centre and need your support to do so.

click on the link for more information on the 

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